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the gap between the head and the tail

It is an inhabited marsh. We hear living beings that we do not see. A crocodile is there, alone motionless, like crocodiles are... but it's wrong... inside? When one is confined in the entrails of a reptile, going out becomes a real question. ​ The void between the head and the tail is a spectacle whose visceral richness we understand through the subtle, sound and visual clues that are gradually delivered to us. While the animal is digesting, a physical dialogue is established between the animal and what is in its belly. With gentle savagery and corrosive humour, Rakoo de Andrade builds here a plea for the strange that pushes feminist issues to the confines of metaphysics. ​


This 20-minute form was designed as part of the solos developed at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette in 2020, and reworked within the Jardin Parallèle between 2021 and 2022. ​ A team organizes the creation of a long form from the void. The head and tail are the next dramatic steps. ​


Where we've been: MIMOS Festival (Périgueux) 2021; Festival Passages (Metz) 2021; World Festival of Puppet Theaters (Charleville-Mézières) 2021; Black Market of Small Utopias (Marseille) 2021; Festival Orbis Pictus (Reims) 2022; Open Stages at the Unusual (Paris) 2022; MIMA Festival (Mirepoix) 2022; Discoveries, Images and Puppets Festival (Tournai) 2022


The creation of a long form is under developpement. We are looking for partners and co-productions. ​


Upcoming dates: Nuit de la Marionnette (Paris) 2023 ​ ​


Contact us for more information on the current creation and distribution of the short form. ​ ​ ​ ​

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