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Synopsis: Sharing ideas. Ideas that make up a body-matter that folds, unfolds and folds, actualizes and condenses the plasticity of beings on stage. The body is a material and plastic resource, which allows itself to be divided or multiplied by female subjectivities: the capacity to be reborn from oneself.


Duration: 5' to 45' (to be agreed) ​


This work was conceived during an academic research in the Program in Contemporary Culture Studies (UFMT) with the practical stage at the Plan B Laboratory, organized by Natacha Belova and Tita Iacobelli.

We have already passed by:

- SESC Palco Giratório National Tour, 63 dates in 43 cities (Brazil) 2017

- Mostra Os Corpos são as obras, Galeria Despina, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2017

- Performática Varieté Krzyprty, Cuiabá (Brazil), 2017

- Zé Bolo Flô Festival of Teatro de Rua, Cuiabá (Brazil), 2016

- Mostra Sesc Cariri, Crato e Juazeiro do Norte (Brazil), 2016

- Velha Joana Festival, Primavera do Leste (Brazil), 2016 - Mostra Aldeia Rosa Bororo, Rondonópolis (Brazil), 2016

- Mostra Amazonica de Breves Cenas, Vilhena (Brazil), 2016

- Fair of Teatro de Bonecos e Formas Animadas de FAFE, Minho (Portugal), 2016

- Panorama Artes da Cena, Cuiabá (Brazil), 2016

- Mostra Aldeia Pantanal das Artes, Poconé (Brazil), 2016

- Festival 100 em 1 dia, Cuiabá (Brazil), 2016

- Mostra SESC DE|GENENERADAS², São Paulo (Brazil), 2016


Distribution: Creation and performance: Raquel Mützenberg alias Rakoo de Andrade Artistic collaborations: Natacha Belova, Tita Iacobelli, Bruno Dante, Thomas O'Ryan, Maria Thereza Azevedo, Millena Machado, Carol Marimon

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