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Description: The mutoscope is a cinematographic device that represents a mini film through the composition of images. In this workshop, participants will develop a mutoscope (individually or in groups) that will bring a story to be created using collages and/or drawings made by the participants themselves with the support of the workshop participants. 

Duration: 12 hours.


- Semana Sesc de Formas Animadas, Cuiabá (MT), novembro 2016.

- A arte é nossa casa, Cuiabá (MT), novembro 2016.

- Sarau Máscara Encena no Vale Arvoredo, Morro Reuter (RS), janeiro 2018.

- Festival Velha Joana, Primavera do Leste (MT), novembro 2018.

- Prêmio de destaque para atriz e figurino no Festival Velha Joana 2018.


Ficha Técnica: 

Direção e performance: Millena Machado.

Production: Millena Machado.

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