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douglas peron.

Actor, performer, puppeteer, set designer and producer. Develops his work based on the techniques of the theater of animated forms (sculpture, papier-mâché, creation of molds, puppets). In 2017 he founded the collective SPECTROLAB that investigates and creates hybrid arts, in which he is a member to this day. Graduated in Civil Engineering at UFMT (Brazil), he holds a master's degree in Contemporary Culture Studies at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (Brazil) and is a research artist member of the Hybrid Arts Research Group: intersections, contaminations and transversalities where he researches contemporary art related to urban space. He is also, researcher associated with the Center for Studies and Model Office of Architecture and Urbanism (NEAU in portuguease), of the College of Architecture, Engineering and technologies of UFMT (Brazil) and teacher of the course of Scenography at MT Escola de Teatro (Brazil) in partnership with UNEMAT since 2019. Member of the team of the Institute Kurâdomôdo, where they work on different fronts of culture and environment. In 2022, founded the Labirinto Espaço Criativo, in Cuiabá.

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