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agustino big fish.

Synopsis: Behind a waterfall hides Agustino, protagonist of the chronicle where he catches fish, shellfish, ideas, feelings and desires. But there comes a time when what belongs to the river, to the river must return.


Duration: 3 minutes per spectator (theatre  in a box / lambe-lambe theatre) ​


We have already passed:

- The Walks of Reims (France), 2022

- Ultrabox Festival, Reims (France), 2022

- Sesc Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2018

- Sesc Palco Giratorio 2017 Tour (15 cities)

- Sesc Amazônia das Artes 2015 tour, through the departments of legal Amazonia in Brazil (Acre, Amazonas, Pará, Roraima, Rondônia, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, Amapá, Tocantins and Piauí

- La Rebelión de Los Muñecos Festival, Santiago (Chile), 2015

- Festival Sesc de formas animadas, Cuiabá (Brazil), 2015

- Sesc Cena Mato Grosso Festival, Rondonópolis (Brazil), 2015

- Céu das Artes, Sorriso (Brazil), 2015

- Velha Joana Festival, Primavera do Leste (Brazil), 2014

- FestCAV, Campo Verde (Brazil), 2014

- Espacio Fresca Viruta, Cordoba (Argentina), July 2014

- Museo Argentino del Títere, Buenos Aires (Argentina), July 2014


Conception, puppet construction and acting: Rakoo de Andrade

Sound design: William Kanashiro

Xylography: André Gorayeb and Hugo

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